(Robotics for Beginners – Build Your 1st Robot) Arduino Programming | Sensors and Actuators | Robotics | Line Following | Obstacle Avoidance | Bluetooth Controlling

What you’ll learn

  • Learning about robotics & its uses
  • Learning about basic electronics, sensors & actuators
  • Learning about wheeled robot control methods
  • Developing practical robotics applications
  • Learning basics about control systems
  • Learning to use Internet of things(IoT) with robots
  • Arduino Programming


  • No programming experience is needed
  • Basic computer skills are required, like installing software


In this course, we are going to teach you from the basics of robotics to building your own robot. 10-20 years ago Robots used to be only in research institutes & factories, but nowadays robots are in common use in various applications. Even in our households, doing different tasks such as cleaning the floors.

So learning robotics from early on is a great investment for the future.

We are starting all the way from basic electronics, programming, and moving towards robot motion and a bit into control systems & IoT as well. These are a few of the most sought-after skills in the world today.

In the end we are going to teach you how to build several wheeled robots such as,

  • Line follower
  • Obstacle avoid robot
  • Bluetooth Control robot

To effectively follow the practices of this course you need to have a magic bot robot kit with a magic bit development board. But you can build your own robot as well using a generic esp32 board and external components, we will include a guide for that as well.

The course is conducted by magic bit, an STEM education company that develops hardware and software tools to enable easy access to innovation, in collaboration with Migara Amithodana, an industry veteran with years of experience.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who like to learn robotics
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